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Add seasoned Grilled chicken for ($2.99)

HOUSE SALAD                                                                      

$3.99      $6.99

Fresh garden salad with choice of dressing.

CAESAR SALAD                                                                    

$4.99      $7.99

Chopped romaine lettuce with grated parmesan, croutons & Caesar dressing.

House Salad

BLEU CHEESE SALAD                                                        

$5.99      $8.99

Chopped romaine & iceberg lettuce with bleu cheese crumbles, tomato wedges, red onion slices, cinnamon roasted nuts and served with raspberry vinaigrette.

GREEK SALAD                                                                      

$5.99      $8.99

Our Greek salad served with traditional  Kalamata olives, pepperoncinis, onion slices, tomato wedges, roasted red peppers & feta cheese with Mediterranean dressing.

Greek Salad

Greek Salad

COBB SALAD                                                                        

$6.99      $9.99

Crisp iceberg lettuce with oven roasted chicken, crispy bits of smoked bacon, diced hard boiled egg, tomato wedges, red onion slices, topped off with crumbled bleu cheese and served with your choice of dressing.

CHICKEN SALAD                                                                

$6.99      $9.99

Crisp romaine and iceberg lettuce mixed with shredded carrots, tomato wedges & celery. Then topped with bleu cheese crumbles and your choice of plain, BBQ, mild, medium or hot crispy chicken tenders.

CHEF SALAD                                                                        

$6.99       $9.99

 Fresh salad piled high with oven roasted chicken, ham and American cheese strips, sliced hard boil eggs, tomato wedges, cucumber slices and your choice of dressing.

LITTLE ITALY ANTI-PASTA SALAD                                

$6.99      $10.99

A combination of Italian meats (salami, ham and pepperoni), provolone cheese rolled together and sliced, than placed on a bed of crisp iceberg lettuce, topped off with tomato wedges, black and green olives, sliced red onions and your choice of dressing.